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Reformer Pilates is one of the most versatile forms of exercise, providing far more options than the more common Mat Pilates although still applying the same respected principles. Our amazing instructors will aim to constantly provide Progressions and Regressions during every session with a view to make the session achievable and enjoyable for any level.

A Reformer Pilates session consists of performing a combination of choreographed flowing movements and exercises on the Reformer machine. It’s specially designed to challenge and strengthen the entire body, the ‘Reformer’ is so named because of it’s ability to ‘Reform’ the body.

Consisting of a large frame, topped with a flat cushioned platform; this platform (or carriage/bed) is attached to the frame by springs and smoothly glides along tracks as you push or pull with your arms and legs. Resistance can be increased or decreased depending on your skill level and goals. The Reformer has long straps with handles which can be pulled to gently move and glide the carriage. Through a variety of carefully choreographed movements, Reformer Pilates provides a full body workout.


Reformer Control is our signature class, so you will find this to be one of our most common listings on the timetable. This is due to its popularity, but also its flexibility to suit someone just starting out their Reformer Journey, to the more advanced Pilates advocate. It really is a class for everyone.

It’s a technical session designed for all levels, involving the core Pilates principles & exercises, focusing on mastering the Reformer, breathing and controlled movement, along with progressions and regressions to the exercises to engage all skill levels.

Our instructors will take you through the session, understanding whether you have just started Reformer Pilates to ensure you are supported and comfortable, or if you are further along your Reformer journey and need to be provided with progressions or more advanced cueing.

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Pilates Personal Training in Godalming, Surrey
Private Personal Training and Reformer Challenge

Reformer Burn is choreographed to the highest of levels, whilst it is not a complicated format it is strategically designed to synchronise each movement starting with compound movements building into isolation exercises. A well proven format at getting excellent aesthetic results and building strength.

The moves and sequences are fundamental, designed for people with established strength levels. It has a clear objective of changing body shapes by toning and sculpting muscles. There is less stretching than what you would see in our other formats, and a greater focus on working the muscles to the point of fatigue. By utilising heavier spring settings, we create power-based moves and longer set times to take those muscles to the point of failure. Whilst it is technically not a difficult format, don’t expect an easy session and be prepared to be tone your body like never before.

Not suitable for people new to exercise, pregnant or with injury.

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Reformer Challenge is exactly what it says in the name, expect to be challenged! Reformer Pilates provides a wonderful journey of progression, self-improvement and strengthening. Reformer Challenge is there for when you want to get more out of your classes and push yourself further.

It’s a challenging session designed for more advanced levels focusing on power, longer engagement, form and more complicated exercises that flow faster than a control class. Doing at least 5 Control sessions before attending a Challenge session is a must, if you are new to Reformer.

To enter a Challenge class, there is an expectation that you are familiar with Pilates cueing, the Reformer components and Reformer Sequencing to ensure the class flows smoothly and you are training safely.

Only suitable for the more advanced.

Private Personal Training and Reformer Challenge
Private Personal Training and Reformer Challenge


Reformer Jump & Core is a super fun session using the Reformer creatively to elevate your heart rate at a comfortable tempo. You will burn calories but also reap the benefits of the Reformers components particularly working your core that other workouts simply can’t offer.

It’s our fastest flowing session designed to really utilise the Reformer and mixed equipment with the intention of getting a sweat on. It will also strengthen muscles with the main focus of building your core and leaving you breathless but not to the point of exhaustion.

If you want to improve your cardio at a comfortable pace, but without the high impact from workouts such as running, HIIT or spin whilst building your core this class is for you.

Suitable for all levels.

Reformer Lengthen is a restorative themed session designed to lengthen, stretch and mobilise your body easing away tightness and walking away feeling longer. It’s a slower paced session that helps align posture, improve flexibility and lengthen muscles.

It’s for those muscles that need to be lengthened, mobilised and stretched, that only the Reformer can provide. One of the main benefits of the Reformer is that stretching can be taken to points that you could never do without assistance, the Reformer can offer you a more comprehensive stretch than any other workout, particularly for the less mobile.

It is also a great intro to the Reformer, particularly if you are less mobile. Or it’s also brilliant for the Pilates goer who just wants a more chilled out session and looking to obtain that amazing Pilates feeling for the rest of the day.

Suitable for all.

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Personal Training and Reformer Lengthen Godalming Surrey
Personal Training Guildford

In addition to our classes and workshops we also offer a comprehensive Personal Training service. Personal Training in either Godalming or Guildford  is one of the best ways to start doing Reformer Pilates. If you are new to Reformer it offers one of our amazing instructors a chance to fully familiarise you with the Reformer before attending a class, ensuring you start your Reformer journey off with a solid footing.

It can also offer you a chance to have a personal assessment done and a program personally delivered by professional designed specifically for your needs and end goals. During the session our Personal Trainers in Guildford or Godalming will observe you in detail providing tactile corrections to ensure perfect form also identifying key areas of improvement, helping you fast track your results.

Our dedicated PT studio boasts a Reformer, Wunda Chair, Arc Barrel, free weights along with other essential kit to enable you to get the best results.

If you have been referred by a Physio, Osteopath or Chiropractor we can work closely with them to get you the best possible care.

Please get in contact with the studio to discuss further and what options are available to you. A single session will last 55 minutes.

We understand how pregnancy changes a woman’s body, and no two pregnancies are the same. Quite often women will need physical assistance in the form of exercise to combat these changes.

Reformer Pilates offers an extremely safe way to exercise in a low impact environment that will develop your strength, focus on breathing techniques, and maintain better balance all of which provide many benefits for the expecting, both before and after the pregnancy.

We offer a Prenatal class every Sunday at our Guildford studio at 11:30 which is bookable with a standard class credit.

You can also attend our timetable listed classes, however a Prenatal assessment by one of our instructors is required to ensure suitability and safety.

Contact us to book in a pre-natal assessments as they are not listed on our timetable or to discuss the suitability of Reformer Pilates during your pregnancy.

Pre and Post Natal Classes



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