The Pilates Movement Introductory Offer - Any 2 sessions for £30


Best choice to start Reformer Pilates with The Pilates Movement. Everyone has been very, very welcoming and accommodating. I'm a complete beginner and have been treated kindly and been given clear guidance by all with workouts building up slowly and each trainer listening to my requirements. I couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommend!

Caroline Goodeve

Love, love, love the classes. My new favourite place!!

Katherine Jantzen

“If you’re thinking about it JUST DO IT. What a wonderful studio with brilliant instructors and all round good vibes.”

Sarah Affi

Amazing, thoroughly loving the challenge, guidance and positive encouragement. Once on the reformer you are guided through a controlled, safe and supported flow of challenges making it enjoyable and rewarding. Excellent results on toning, firming, stretching and strengthening your core. Highly recommended

James Smith

Gorgeous studio space to practice and always a challenging full-body workout – ABSOLUTLEY ADDICTIVE! All teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly to beginners and advanced and it’s such a dynamic practice that the structure of each class is different; keeps you focused, learning and stronger.

Liv Stevens-Knight

A totally game changing workout, I have seen simply phenomenal results since starting. I always look forward to my sessions and it is now the only exercise I want to do. Absolutely addicted!!!

Sarah Tolly


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